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Life is so much better when you are having fun. And often, the best businesses, inventions, and ideas come from those who are curious, open, and young at heart. That is why we put a spotlight on those who go through life with an open heart and mind and end up making a meaningful impact along the way. From successful CEOs and founders, to professors from places like Harvard and Stanford and everything in between, our guests showcase the importance of being Young at Heart.

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Anjalee Narenthiren

Anjalee Narenthiren

Founder & Host of the Young at Heart Podcast, Founder & CEO of Startup Dojo

Anjalee is the 18-year-old speaker, Program Director at Startup Dojo and host of the Young at Heart Show.

Anjalee is an international VEX Robotics champion, having beat over 20,000 teams in two consecutive years. She also founded her first startup at age 15. Currently she is enrolled at the Jerome Fischer M&T Program at The University of Pennsylvania starting in 2021 – pursuing a double degree with the Wharton School Of Business and Penn School of Engineering.


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